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About Us

What We Stand For

At Dorset Women we believe that social change can, and should, happen from grassroots, where people come together to create, demand, and drive the change they want to see.

We believe that when women and girls, and people who are gender fluid, or non-binary, experience inequality, bias oppression or discrimination, EVERYONE is impacted and whole communities suffer.
We believe that all of Dorset will be stronger if women and girls and gender fluid and non-binary people can truly thrive and reach their full potential.

Our 4 Cornerstones:


We believe that ALL people have strengths. We believe that many women have powerful strengths in building connections,m mutual support, communication, empathy, vision and problem solving. We aim to maximise these strengths towards a common goal of removing gender and sex-based ineuality.


We believe that only by working together, in particular with men and boys and gender and non-binary people, can we create strong communities that are rid of gender and sex-based discrimination and that redefine a historical imbalance of power that has created outdated social conditioning about gender and sexes.


Dorset is a county of extremes with a hugely diverse population of women and girls and gender fluid and non-binary people. We believe that, working on the basis of “women supporting women” we can use our strengths to empower ALL women to rise, one woman at a time; connecting those with resources to those without.


We believe that, through a Dorset Women’s Charter and Education, we can drive change at a society level working in partnership with leaders, decision makers and influencers.

Our 3 Pillars

Our new Strategy has 3 pillars aligned with our mission to reduce gender and sex-based inequality and empower all women using the strengths and resources of all women.

Dorset Women's Charter

A strategic framework that sets out the future we want to see for women, the evidence for the need for change, and a roadmap to getting there.

Dorset Women's Empowerment Network

A network of women who use their powerful strengths to offer 1-2-1 mentorship, buddying, peer support, coaching and training FREE to women who need an injection of power.

Education Support

Opportunities to educate based on evidence, empowerment and as a driver of change in our communities

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