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Dorset Women Empowerment Network

Dorset Women's Empowerment Network

Dorset is a county of extremes and inequality. Some areas of Dorset are thriving – with growing businesses, plenty of resources and active communities of healthy women. Other areas are not so well off. There are areas of economic deprivation, unemployment, isolation and communities of women who face many barriers to being fulfilled, active and well resourced.

One of our key organisational goals is to close this gap of difference.

And so we are thrilled to announce that, in 2024, we will be creating our Empowerment Network.

The Empowerment Network is designed to match women who have something to offer, with women in need of empowerment energy. This will include mentoring, coaching and other 1-2-1 buddying and peer support arrangements.

We know that there are many well resourced women in some parts of the county who have skills, experience, time and energy to ‘give something back’ to less advantaged women in the county who could really use an empowerment boost.

We also know that there are some fantastic charities and community groups in the county doing great things with women and who really understand what the women they support really need.

So, the Dorset Empowerment Network will bring these two groups of women together. Using the resources of one group to empower the other.

Want to get involved? Please find out more here to join our Empowerment Network.

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